Too late.

Today I want to tell you kind of a story ...

A young woman, not older than 21, seems to had a normal life.
A boyfriend, a more or less happy family, a jop, friends, and so on and so on.
But in her inside, nothing was perfect at all. To ther friends she played the happy one, so noone noticed how down she really was.
Until she confided her trust in a person, which until today doen't really know why.
Dtat person talked with the girl, could so as one of the less, ore maybe the only person notice, what's really going on behind that mask.
Was there in every moment the girl wanted to talk to her, ever without the question why.
A very short time it seemed, that all would go up.
Bit it didn't ... In the inside the girl was totally destroyed yet, she couldnt take all anymore, what she has said so often.
But the person didn't gave up on her...
A time ago she has made it in any way, to save a persons life.

And this was finally the reason, why I have not given up. Why I believed in her, although I did not have known her well.

But I thougt too far.

Now she's dead.

She jumped off a bridge a night and got rolled over from four cars.
I still cant believe it.
Don't know what I made wrong, schould I have been more there for her?? Or was it to late?

I don't know.

In a letter the girl wrote, that she just needed someone, who she can trust and knows the reasons for her breakdown.
And that she's very thankful for that.

I very appreciate her trust to me. Cuz I know it's hard.. .

But why me.?
Now I know that talking is nothing.

I miss her.


Gd night to y'all ♥


7.5.08 15:23

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